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Friday, May 7, 2010

Episode 5: Abandonment, Rejection and Jerky

Craig, Jay and Audy continue their quest to survive in a zombie world this episode as the three men make their way through the streets of a city gone mad. However, all is not well with our trio of awesomeness! Will Audy, Jay and Craig stay together to fight to the end? Will the men meet another dangerous zombie that they will have to dispatch in an epic manner? What new threats and random zombie facts will come up in this episode as the men try to rescue their girlfriends? Tune in here.

Voice Actors
  • Craig Baird as Craig, zombie
  • Jason Hall as Jay
  • Audy Mytron as Audy
  • Layla Baird as woman in van
  • Clint Yanchula as man on street
Written and directed by Craig Baird and Jason Hall.
(C) 2010. Craig Baird and Jason Hall. All Rights Reserved.

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