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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Episode 8: Pickup Truck Adventures

Complete with a pickup truck, Audy's katovel and a shiny crickate, the boys are off on the last leg of their quest to get to Layla and Faith's. Along the way they meet up with a few zombified individuals, as well as someone they crossed paths with the day before.

What will their reception at Layla and Faith's be like? Will the truck keep running and can Craig wield the full power of Audy's epic weapon? Tune in!

  • Craig Baird as Craig
  • Jason Hall as Jay, Announcer
  • Clint Yanchula as Tourist
  • Layla Baird as Layla
  • Faith Witherow as Faith

Written and directed by Craig Baird, Layla Baird and Jay Hall.
(C) 2010. Craig Baird and Jason Hall. All rights reserved.

1 comment:

  1. I saw your interview on and started to listen to your podcast. This is the first podcast that I have ever listened to and I am still laughing. I just can't stop. I loved how you gave a shout out to Lyle Perez at the end of episode five. He is a great zombie critic. Please don't stop! (PS. Loving Max Brooks).