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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Episode 10: Paul Bunyan Need Not Apply

The girls have reunited with the boys and both are ready to venture out into the zombie apocalypse towards a destiny they cannot foresee. With everyone all caught up on the going-ons for Layla and Faith over the last day and a half, it is time for the epic foursome to begin to take down the undead in staggering numbers. What new adventures await for the girls and the boys? Is the fun over for Craig and Jay and will the girls take charge as they probably should? Tune in and find out with another awesomesauce episode of You've Got Dead On You.

Tune in here.

Voice Actors
Craig Baird as Craig
Jay Hall as Jay
Layla Baird as Layla
Faith Witherow as Faith

(C) 2010. Craig Baird and Jay Hall. All Rights Reserved.
Directed and Written by Craig Baird, Layla Baird, Jason Hall and Faith Witherow.

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