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Friday, April 16, 2010

Episode 2: Not Without My Shovel

Jay and Craig make the perilous journey from their own zombie infiltrated home to their girlfriend's. Along the way, they battle more zombies, meet a few more stressed out survivors and even get a couple of shovels. Will they make it to their destination? Tune in.

You can listen here.

Directed by
Craig Baird
Jay Hall

Voice Actors
Craig Baird as Craig, Zombies
Jason Hall as Jay, Announcer
Layla Baird as Burger Girl
Audy Mytron as Policeman
Clint Yanchula as Tourist

(C) 2010 All Rights Reserved Craig Baird, Layla Baird and Jay Hall

1 comment:

  1. I saw your interview on and started to listen to your podcast. This is the first podcast that I have ever listened to and I am still laughing. I just can't stop. I loved how you gave a shout out to Lyle Perez at the end of episode five. He is a great zombie critic. Please don't stop! (PS. Loving Max Brooks).