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Friday, April 23, 2010

Episode 3: These Are Dark Times

Craig and Jay leave the wreckage of their car, with the thrashing zombie still on the hood, and begin their journey on foot to Layla and Faith's home. Along the way, they debate whether a piano leg is better than a golf club for a weapon, and they come across another survivor in a dark space. Will their journey end with this surviver. Tune in.

You can listen here.

Voice Actors

  • Craig Baird as Craig, Zombies
  • Jason Hall as Jay, Announcer, Zombies
  • Audy Mytron as Audy
  • Layla Baird, Final Voice

Written and directed by Craig Baird and Jay Hall.
(C) 2010 All Rights Reserved Craig Baird, Layla Baird and Jay Hall.

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